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Teak leaf products

Leaf leather is an innovative plant based leather alternative made from teak leaves. This plant-based leather is made from teak leaves that are abundant in the tropical forest of Thailand so it doesn't require harming animals or effect the ecology in any way. It can also be made just as strong and durable as animal leather, and even water-resistance like many of our other plant-based leather. Check out our teak collection and many other.

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Coffee Husk Products

Coffee husks (shells) are left-over by-products from commercial coffee industries, for which there were no profitable uses, and their adequate disposal constitutes a major environmental problem. Thus, in compliance with the concept of sustainable development, innovative techniques and products for the profitable use of this type of by-product are being sought after. Our coffee husk leather finds use for this agriculture waste and turn them into sustainable products that both beautiful and functional.

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Tamarind Husk Products

Tamarind has long been a common condiment in South East Asian cuisine. It's commonly use in Thai dishes and people just love the taste. Tamarind has a shell that are discarded during a food prep. These shells or husks are commonly rid of because they have no nutritional value. By converting these husks into an organic material, we up-cycle production waste into something tangible and functional.

Banana Leaf Products

Banana trees are very much a part tropical countries like in Thailand. People use banana trees in variety of applications; ranging from food packaging to parts of decoration. Because of its abundance in the wild, we successfully turn banana leaves into another eco-leather material that has its own unique look. The banana leaves are dried then go through the same treatments as many of our other eco-leather line of materials to get the finished products.  

Garlic Husk Products

Garlic is one of the mostimportant spices in many cuisines. Garlic has a outer skin that is normallydiscarded during a food processing. We recycle these discarded skin layers intosomething that’s tangible and long lasting.Our natural leather alternative is not only cruelty free but we alsomanage to use one of the most commonly ingredients in everybody’s kitchen. Weturned a simple, common garlic’s skins into something useful and beautiful.

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