About Us

Plant-based leather ONLY

Eco-conscious creations from Chiang Mai. At Elpis Design Studio, we transform natural raw materials into urban everyday items you'd be proud to own. Our products are both environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.Our designs are inspired by the harmony between people and nature in Chiang Mai, and its spirit to embrace top notch designs from around the world. Minimal Impact on the environment. When it comes to adding to your sustainable wardrobe, less is more. We hope our creation will remind you the beauty of simplicity in life, by putting less impact on the environment and your mind.

100% cruelty free leather
Plant-based leather

Our Mission

We make simple, practical products that would stand the test of time. Our products are classic and would stand out for years to come. We simply make functioning products with natural aesthetic that are also perfectly suited for modern men and women.

We sources our materials from agriculture waste and other by-products that would otherwise be discarded. Our patented process is guaranteed to last as long as a regular leather. We are proud of our mission to upcycle what would be otherwise waste. Our products are 100% plant-based and we are proud to say that we are 100% cruelty-free.

In additional, we also pay fair wages to our employees. Our goal is to treat our staff as how we would treat our CEOs. They are getting paid fair wages. Please watch the following videos for our production process.

Our mission- fair wages & treatments for all
Mission Statement

Our Vision for Fashion

Our beautiful plant-based leathers are composed of food-graded recycled plastic that is water splash-proof. Our patented technology combines the versatility of modern manufacturing process with natural materials.

Our plant-based leathers are as durable as normal animal leather. With some love and care, our plant-based leather can last for many years.

We believe in slowing down the consumption and keep what you own for a longer period. Slow fashion is in our core mission and one of the ways we help to facilitate that movement is through our commitments to create more sustainable products.

Sustainably made- slow-fashion
Our belief